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World Shadow Day”

Time is Ticking Down to May 1st….. 🙂


“World Shadow Day” Facebook Event Page

Time isTicking Down

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World Shadow Day…

World Shadow Day 2016

The idea of “World Shadow Day” is that once a year on the 1st of May Shadow Owners “Meet Up & Ride Out” with other Shadow Owners.

We have International & World Days for other things in life so why not have a “World Shadow Day” & give all Shadow Owners Worldwide the chance to meet up with old friends & new for a ride out & to celebrate the “Honda Shadow” in all it’s forms from 125cc up to 1800cc.

In 1983 Honda built the 1st Shadow & now 33 years later the Shadow has become an icon with Shadow Owners Clubs worldwide & thousands of dedicated members so lets have a “World Shadow Day” once a year & celebrate…. 🙂

All you have to do is set up a Event on Social Media sites in what ever country you live in: Facebook, Twitter ect... SHOC Clubs can post the event on there Forums & Facebook Pages & we can all arrange to meet our fellow Shadow Owners on the 1st of May every year for a few hours.

If you like the idea of “World Shadow Day” then it is up to you to make it happen & spread the word so ‪#‎Share‬ it with everyone you know & lets make it work… 🙂

Visit the Facebook Page & show your Support & #‎Share‬

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