Castle Route Road Trip

A few of us have been talking about this:

Castle Route down through Germany

Maybe a good Road Trip for 2016 it would take about 10 / 14 days (Maybe more)


Castle Route

Germany is home to Europe’s most enthusiastic bikers, so there must be some incredible riding experiences to be had there which inspires this enthusiasm. Who better to sample this treasure of tarmac than Henry Cole, veteran of countless miles on a motorcycle? Henry begins his journey in Frankfurt, riding to Rottenburg on what is known as the Castle Route. That sounds suitably macho for a biker but wait, what’s this? From Rottenburg Henry travels the Romantic Route, surely some mistake? Apparently not, as Henry discovers some picture postcard towns and stunning scenery along the road to Füssen. Who says bikers aren’t susceptible to a little romance? Take your opportunity to fall in love with the rural roads of Germany.


TV Travel Channel Link for Castle Route: