Service Manuals:

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Honda VT125C

Honda VT500C ‘1983 Service Manual

Honda VT600C 1993-1994

Honda VT700C / VT750C 1983-1985

Honda VT750CD ACE Service Interval Manual

Honda VT750CD ACE Elec Repair & Manual

Honda VT750 Shadow Spirit 2001-2002

Honda VT1100 1985-1998

  1. Nickie Banchou Duval says:

    hey, the shadow VT125’s PDF here is the workshop’s addendum, check the page 4

    is the actual workshop available anywhere in PDF ?

  2. Hi Clive, I’m in Northumberland near the border. I have managed to sort the problem, the rear coil had cracked and must have caused damage to the CDI ignition module, so I managed to get a pair of used coils and also a used ignition module, She fired straight up on both cylinders when I changed the. Thanks for your help.

    Ride to arrive


  3. Hi do you know the ohms readings for the primary and secondary on the ignition coils please as I can’t find the service manual anywhere online


    • Shadowmann says:

      Hi Ernie,
      Sorry I don’t of the top of my head …But there is a VT500 Workshop Manual (PDF Format) (Downloadable) at the bottom of the Main Page under Honda – It’s not in English but you could copy the text & translate it into English… 🙂
      If that is no good go to any of the Shadow Owners Clubs on Facebook & Post the Question or Try 1 of my Facebook Groups & again “Post A Question”.
      My Group on Facebook:
      Shadow International – Buy, Sell, Exchange. –

      Hope this helps.
      Ride Safe

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your reply Clive, however I don’t use Facebook so I can’t access the groups.

      I will see if the aftermarket workshop manuals have the information I’m looking for.

      Thanks again

      Ride to Arrive


  4. Hello Sir,
    What is the right way to measure oil level om vt125c, Hanging the dipstick on top om the hole, og skrew it in ?


    • Shadowmann says:

      Hi Frank, Hanging the dipstick on top om the hole is the correct way to measure the oil level… 🙂 but DON’T run the engine until the Dipstick is screwed back in place. Hope this helps. Ride Safe & Enjoy 🙂

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