XVS125 Dragstar

My eldest sons XVS125 Dragstar

… This is how she looked after we picked her up her up in 2006

& with a good wash,polish & the rear seat removed

Yamaha XVS125 Dragstar

… The custom rebuild

The start of the rebuild

… The build up

The frame

 … Clean up time

Engine clean up

… Tins back from paint

The new paint work

… The rebuild starts

The rebuild

 … Stage 2

The rebuild

 … Stage 3

The rebuild

 … Stage 3

The rebuild

 … Stage 4

The rebuild

… The finished bike

XVS125 Dragstar Custom all Finished …

 … One very happy 16 year old son

XVS125 Dragstar Custom all Finished …

XVS125 Dragstar Custom & My VT600 Custom …

 … After we finished the rebuild my son Jeff clocked up some good miles with

some great road trips.

… But sadly at the end of 2007 while on his way to collage a young girl in a car couldn’t wait for the traffic to move so decided to do a U turn in front of him, Jeff had to drop the bike down on it’s side to save himself from T boning the car – the bike slid into her car & ended up badly damaged but my son walked away with only a small cut to his leg.

… Yes the young girl was done by the police for driving without due care.

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