Click on Google Map for Route

The link above is the sort of route i was thinking about no motorways all done on A Road’s it’s more fun & you get to see the true UK in all it’s glory with all the little towns along the way for coffee stops & fuel stops and so on. :-)

We have been working on the route & now we have an update with the over night stops that at this time seem to be Premier Inn’s as they are in the best places to suit the daily mileage.

Road Trip is now set for:

Start Date = Monday 4th July 2011

Racing Finish FlagsFinish Date = Friday 8th July 2011

  • Day 1 – John O’Groats to Fort William = 185 miles
  • Day 2 – Fort William to Dumfries = 181 miles
  • Day 3 – Dumfries to Northwich = 162 miles
  • Day 4 – Northwich to Sidcot= 171 miles
  • Day 5 – Sidcot to Lands End = 197 miles

… So have a look at the Route by clicking on the Google map & see what you think so far:-)

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